I created products based on Wagner's Ring to find a way to understand and enjoy the operas better. Also, I naturally like to share with others. 

I am from New York City and spent most of my childhood in Germany where my father worked for the US Army PX's. These are stores for American servicemen. It was there that my workable knowledge of German and my love of classical music began.

I lived in New York all during the 70's where I became active with the Wagner Society for whom I contributed to their newsletter and gave some talks. My expresssive highlight during that time was giving an introductory talk on Rhinegold at the Seattle Opera. I was fortunate to travel to Bayreuth to hear the Chereau / Boulez Ring in 1976.

My first Laminated Ring family tree was self published in 1979.  There have been a number of updates, the most recent 2013.

I moved to Los Angeles in 1980 where I am happy to say I was able to catch up with other forms of music - folk, multicultural and some more. Of course I am now very happy that I can experience the Met and other International Companies at a 'movie theater near me'.

In 1990 I changed careers, moving from business to teaching.  I am happy that both my analytical, feeling and artistic side come more to the fore with my current work and endeavors.

In 2014, I developed a new piece – a Story Map of the Ring. I have since given talks on that subject to the Wagner Societes of Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. The Tree and Story Map are now in English, German and French.

The craft, humor and communique portions of my site represent areas of expression that have also been important to me over the years.

Regarding Nature Art  Over fifteen years ago while watching a television program on food dehydrators with my son Phillip, he asked  “why don’t we get one and make beef jerky?" By the way, he is now a chef. For me, I still dehydrate. There is a particular joy in drying a slice of orange over night in the oven with the pilot light on and seeing it smaller and very beautiful in the morning. I dry anywhere there is dry warmth, dry humidity and dry wind. With this work there is some inspiration and much perspiration. Actually the perspiration sometimes brings about inspiration.

My writings -  Much also comes from my teaching.  I write on caring in education. One of my gurus, leading caring educator, Nel Noddings says that our main educational aim should be to encourage the growth of competent, caring, loving, and lovable people.  

Further, I write on using nature to make art - sharing some of the approaches I use. I also write on humor, music and more. By exploring the section - Kirschen Communiques, you will see the range of topics I am writing on that I believe as well as hope will find some audiences.