It does take a village. I wish to thank ...
John Weinstock, Professor University of Texas, Austin. John provided the character listing and descriptions of the Ring for Wikipedia. He also has a fine website on the Ring. John has been invaluable in reviewing the content of my work. His good nature and patience have been particularly beneficial to experience. By the way, he recently retired from being the head of the German Department at the Austin campus. And, he is one of the leading authorities on the Sami culture. If you have questions about the history of snow shoes .... he is your man.

Bernhard Rohrbacher provided a translation of the Ring Tree into German. He also translated into English portions of the Norn Scene from the Twiight of the Gods. Originally from Germany, he is now a judge in a part of the California Judicial system. He does much study himself on morality and character. No finer fellow could I have chosen to help me discern meanings - facts, or other expressions by Herr Wagner.

Steve Sokolow  He was the president of the Wagner Society of San Francisco. He was also a writer on the Ring. He was very helpful regarding providing insight on Brunnhilde's parentage. He put together a concordance of the Wagner Operas so one can locate any word in any work .... very valuable for scholars or fans.

Very sadly, Steve passed away in October. His giving and friendly manner .... along with his great knowledge will be missed. I am grateful to have known him and grateful for what he has taught me.

My New York friend Elayne Horn, encouraged me to write more on the Siegfried / Forest Bird relationship. From there I went on to write more on the connection between the Ravens and Wotan.

John DiGaetani, English Professor at Hofstra University and author of several books on Wagner. He provided encouragement and general review.  He has been a long time friend from my New York days.

My long time New York friend, Lynne Frost. has been a big appreciator and encourager. She also helped me bring a fine nuance in describing the role the Volsungs play for their father Wotan.

Debbie Collins of Dragon Print & Copy ... aside from printing, she was my other set of eyes of looking at the works in progress. Many an evening, she left test pages for me beneath her shop front door mat for me to edit. She protected my files well .... Fafner would have admired her guardian work.

Martin Gonzalez, of GNS Printing has worked with me for a long time on producing posters ... his advice as been invaluable. Vidal Napoles with his family run 'East L.A. Laminating' is terrific. He works well and with good cheer. Chris Turner of DIY T shirts produces my high quality t shirts on 'American Apparel' and other brands.

Kiki Heeidenwawg, Lynne Eodice and Marla Knutson are all word smiths .... Kiki in German and Lynne and Marla - English. I have always believed that I cannot write a final draft until I have written ten earlier ones. Now I do not need as many early versions. Lynne Eodice and Blair Lewis provided fine photographic services.  Dennis Eodice provided much varied input - both technical and artistic.

And of course, my wife, my son and my parents - much love and help.